Trade Without Fear

Immersion Coaching Program

No ordinary coaching program

This program will take your trading to next level and beyond your education. The Valiant Immersion Coaching Program is designed to help you break free from the mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck.

This program forces you to immerse yourself into your trading in order to see what subconscious mindset blocks are present. With the help of high-performance mindset coaches, you will create new beliefs and thoughts that will allow you to trade without fear so you can multiply your money and buy back your time.

Meet The Coaches

Danielle Fenster

Danielle has been married to her husband Waldon for eight years and she is the mother of four amazing children. Her past beliefs held her as a prisoner to debt and a slave to her business. She is an executive business and money coach who believes nothing is impossible. She partners faith with the mind and thought life to get her client's supernatural results.

Tom Hermann

Tom Hermann is the co-founder and lead instructor of Valiant Trading & Training. He is married to his wife Katie and they have four boys. Tom has 10 plus years of experience in financial services and is a high-performance mindset coach Tom is on a mission to set free those who feel stuck, help them find their life purpose, and equip them to autonomously create an income that is the foundation to living a life without a limits.

How do we help YOU achieve success?

Your current belief systems are the filters in which you see life. Therefore, all your circumstances will be viewed through the beliefs that you hold. These beliefs can either create empowerment or anxiety. We help you break down the negative beliefs that are not serving you in trading, and help you build new beliefs that are aligned with the goals you want to achieve.

Keep a Trade Journal

This is a place where you will track your trades along with your thought process and emotions behind each trade.

Review Your Trade Journal

Before our weekly coaching calls, Tom will review your trade journal for any patterns and trends. We will dig deeper into thought patterns and beliefs that may be sabotaging your profits.

Get Coached

Each week you will join a group coaching call where Tom and Danielle will provided dedicated coaching to each member. You will not only get breakthroughs from your coaching, but you'll also get breakthroughs by observing others being coached.


You will begin to implement the new beliefs and thoughts that were identified in your coaching session. As you create and implement new beliefs you will create more momentum toward your trading goals.

What You Will Get


12 Weeks of weekly mindset coaching with Danielle and Tom

These will be weekly group calls with Tom and Daniele. You will submit your trade journal each week before the call. Tom and Danielle will spend dedicated time with each person of the program digging into their mindsets and thought process for their trades. They will help you create new beliefs to implement in life and your trading.

$22,500 Value


Access to Valiant Premium Group Calls

These premium calls are three additional calls that you will have access to during the Program. Waldon Fenster and Tom lead these calls through out the week. Sunday Success Calls we he provides for you the stock and crypto picks that he anticipates to do well in the week. He also leads the Connect the Dots Call where he is connecting the dots between current events and market movements.

  • Sunday Night Success: Waldon gives his weekly stock and crypto picks
  • Connect The Dots: Waldon connects the dots on current events and how they impact the market
  • Office Hours: Tom’s weekly call where you can receive mindset coaching or get additional training or feedback on your trading

$5,000 Value


Early Access to the 6 module course, Crypto Growth Accelerator

This is a trading course on how to start trading cryptocurrency. Waldon and Tom partnered with Uncensored Crypto and put on a 6 week trading course. This has never been released to Valiant members.

$1,997 Value


Weekly Feedback on Your Trades

As an experienced trader, Tom will be reviewing your trade logs each week. Along with looking for mindset patterns, he will be proving tactical feedback on how you can improve your trades and trading strategy.

$1,800 Value

Trade Without Fear So You Can Multiply Your Money and Buy Back Your Time