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Marsha s.


Venture Studio has a heart for entrepreneurs. They go above and beyond to sow into and provide value to business owners. They value people, no matter the size of the business. I highly recommend attending their events.


I got such clarity on what I needed to do next that I am ready and excited to take action. I've never experienced anything else like this before. If you get the chance to work with Waldon or Venture Studios then I would HIGHLY suggest it!

mary d.

Agency Owner

Filipe y.

Business Owner

Venture Studio has been a turning point for our business and our personal lives. We have been in the painting and contracting business for almost 20 years, and up until recently we thought our company was fairly successful with the management in place that we had developed with basic business knowledge and trial and error experience, our exposure via referrals and worth of mouth provided a fair amount of new and recurring clientele until we met Waldon Fenster and his team. The amount of knowledge and resources we were presented with was so abundant and refreshingly easy to access. So abundant indeed that even though out toes are just getting wet in this ocean of available resources and guidance, our business is already surfing new waves of success and opportunities. Waldon’s vast experience as an entrepreneur and successful business man and SUCCESSFUL HUMAN BEING is palpable testimony of the services and products him and his very professional team provides and we have been grateful recipient of. The Venture Studio Vault is a treasure chest of knowledge, resources, inspiration, opportunity and guidance I deeply regret not have been able to know and have had access to before. Thank you Waldon, thank you team.


Really Helpful Guide


Thanks Waldon!


Helped Me ALOT


Great Work. Thanks!

Hey, I'm Waldon Fenster. I am Start Up Expert & Fortune 500 Consultant.

For nearly 15 years now I have built and scaled businesses. I have also consulted with numerous Fortune 100 & 500 companies globally. The experience that I bring to the table is the I can take you from a basic idea to a revenue generating business in a very short time!

This Course Will Help You:


In the past, we charged upwards of $997 for this course bundle….

Each course generated a ROI for the member that implemented the strategies within 60 days!

These courses highlight and focus on everything you will need to start, fund, scale and duplicate your business!

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