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In this 7 part series, we will go into detail on how Waldon Fenster grew his account 1,182% in a single year! These are the EXACT trainings that Tom walked Waldon through. These modules have helped hundreds of people globally obtain financial freedom using the stock market!

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Included Modules

These modules range from the basics to the advanced subjects of the stock market! Each course module comes with the recordings, module documents and a quiz to make sure you are progressing.

Module 1: Market Basics

In this first module you will learn about the basics of the stock market, how to place a trade, and the mindset of a successful trader. You will become familiar with the major exchanges, different market sectors, and how they perform in the economic cycle. You will identify what type of active trading strategy works best for you, and the basics of identifying winning trades.

Module 2: Stock Analysis

This module lays the foundation required to consistently win as a trader. You will learn how to simply and quickly analyze company financial data, the basics of using a stock chart to find the best buy and sell opportunities, and how determine what news items are relevant and may signal a great opportunity.  

Module 3: Advanced Charting

Module three builds on the charting basics you learned in module 2. You will learn how to spot predictable patterns that lead to profitable trades. You will learn how to identify where a stock is in the current market cycle, what patterns may signal a continuation of the current trend, and what price patterns signal a potential reversal. Mastering these skills can feel like you’re predicting the future and trading with an unfair advantage.

Module 4: Risk Management

This may be the most valuable module in the course as it teaches you how to protect your capital so you can continue to use money to make money. You will learn what type of risk you should avoid and what type of risk you need to use to your advantage. You will learn how to create your own personalized trading plan that will allow you to maximize gains, minimize losses, and place trades with the highest probability of success.

Module 5: Introductions to Options

Module 5 introduces the powerful investment tool of stock options. You will learn the basics of what options are, how they work, and specific examples of how to use them in your trading plan. You will learn about the risk/reward potential with these investments and how can attain a higher return using less capital.

Module 6: Advanced Options

This module builds upon the foundation built in the previous module and walks you through how to practically use options within your trading plan. Utilizing options allows you to be profitable in any trading environment. Which means, you will be able to make profitable trades in an advancing, declining, or sideways market.

Module 7: Corporate Actions

This final module will equip with the knowledge of how to take advantage of changes within a company. You will be prepared to handle events like corporate mergers, stock splits, spin-offs, tender offers, and dividends.  You’ll be prepared to strategically handle any changes that may occur with a stock that you own.  


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