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We crush and demystify the following 3 myths during the training! These 3 things if removed from your mindset will create a foundation we can then build on! 

Myth #1

You can’t time the market, and the best strategy is to buy and hold

Myth #2

You must be a financial wizard to succeed and it should be left to the professionals

Myth #3

Success requires committing all your time to watch the market

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Vince S.

Learn from a Professional Trader with 10 Years of Industry Experience

Tom equips inexperienced traders with the knowledge, skills, and mindset that empowers them to unlock the potential of arguably the greatest source of wealth: the stock market.

Tom Hermann

Co-Founder of Valiant Training & Lead Instructor

Tom is a graduate of Howard Payne University where he received a degree in finance. He has over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry spending most of his career leading and coaching financial professionals to a deeper understanding of the markets so they could better serve their clients. He did not see the possibilities of coaching nonprofessionals until he inadvertently helped a friend grow his stock portfolio multiple six figures in about nine months.

Tom is also the co-founder of Attractively Different, LLC where he is a mindset coach helping clients discover their purpose and live a life without limits. In his experience, the largest influence to a debilitated purpose is the idea of limited resources and the inability to autonomously generate an income.

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Investing and trading provides you and your legacy a vehicle to successfully increase your profits which is more important than ever before. It’s also harder to do than ever before. Especially if you want to trade daily, without feeling like you wanna throw up.

Waldon Fenster

Co-Founder of Valiant Training & Student #1

Small Business Expert/Startup Expert/Corporate Consultant/Founder

Serial business builder, Waldon Fenster is a small business expert and corporate acquisition consultant with an expertise in facilitating brand growth for businesses and startups that want to present their company to the marketplace.

Waldon has worked with thousands of companies and Fortune 100 brands to expand their business models and amplify their portfolios for immediate financial benefit.

Waldon’s expertise ranges from business development and entrepreneurship to corporate growth tactics and brand strategy. Through his savvy and top level work, Waldon is able to build small businesses and emerging startups from the ground up, to make them attractive to outside investments and acquisitions on a global scale.

It is his commitment to the entrepreneurial landscape and desire to educate business owners on the growth potential of their brands, that continue to motivate this innovative corporate leader.